Yep! Another Hat Blog – 25 April 2017

Just to follow on from yesterday…and I do intend from time to time to edit some of these blogs and insert new pics as I find them in my research. I got to thinking about all kinds of things that one might put on their head and of course wigs came to mind.  Both men and women wore wigs and indeed the art of hairdressing became a little more creative and grandiose in its attempt to improve one’s beauty, let by Marie Antoinette as depicted in this painting by Jean Baptiste Gautier Dagoty in 1775.

The Limerick Trade Directory of 1769 had sixteen wig makers listed in Limerick or should I say Peruke Makers as they were known then.  I have mapped them below and it is clear they were well dispersed throughout the old town…to be fair, the new town was only in it’s infancy. With the new bridge over the Shannon built in 1762 and the newly built Custom House in 1765. I have marked on the map below the location of Peruke Makers.

peruke makers 1769

Advertising of peruke makers in the Limerick newspapers is very limited and the earliest I could find was in 1749 of James Donoghue, Peruke Maker living St. Francis Abbey.

He not only made wigs but also cut hair leading me to assume that most wig makers did the same kind of thing.  As the Century progressed there was an increase in the  number of  advertisements for cosmetics, perfume and hairdressing particularly when the Assizes came to town.  Suggesting that the Assizes had a significant social aspect to them.

There were two ‘Hatters’ also listed in the directory, James Kincaid and Lee Henry both based in Francis Street.

The image below is a much later image of the Limerick Exchange and according to they note that this engraving is by ‘anonymous’.limerick exchange henry o shea

They also noted that it was published in a book entitled the  Picturesque Views of the Antiquities of England & Wales, dating to 1786. On examining the book I could not find this image however, I did find Limerick castle, St Mary’s Cathedral and indeed Castle Connell. Fellow Historian Liam Irwin brought my attention to Limerick Museum under Brian Hodkinson curatorship and they have credited the painting to Henry O Shea in 1900 and the fact that is a copy of an earlier painting dating to 1820. The engraving clearly shows a number of varying styles of headwear, including military hats.

The style of the Mace Bearers hat also is significant in its shape.  Limerick newspapers advertised for milliners and indeed all their wares including Military hats for both men and women.


The engraving also shows a turf cutter with a woman in the background wearing a scarf on her head. While the Mace Bearer and the two soldiers are wearing specifically designed headwear for their civic position, everyone in the picture is wearing some form of head dress.

List of Peruke Makers in Limerick 1769

Year C Name Surname Address 1 Addres 2 Limerick
1769 John Bourke Johns Street Limerick
1769 Jacob Bennis Main Street Limerick
1769 James Connolly Main Street Limerick
1769 Edmond Crowe Main Street Limerick
1769 Francis Downes Creagh Lane Limerick
1769 John Everitt Mungret Street Limerick
1769 John Fitzgerald Parade Limerick
1769 John Hogan Main Street Limerick
1769 John Mackey John Street Limerick
1769 Benjamin Mills Main Street Limerick
1769 William Mullock Quay Lane Limerick
1769 Thomas Mullock Quay Lane Limerick
1769 William Perry Mainguard Limerick
1769 Thomas Power Old Quay Limerick
1769 William Ryan Shamble Lane Limerick
1769 Giles Vandeleur Quay Lane Limerick

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